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Your Daily Horoscope for Gemini for Friday, September 16th, 2022

Gemini, the eyes are the mirror to the soul


Gemini, your Horoscope Today advises you to make your actions less complicated. In the sentimental sphere,  you'll experience great challenges. The day is marked by the complex nature of your character.

The Stars warn of friction between your Gemini twins. Today, you will find it difficult to keep your cool. Don't get into unnecessary arguments with your partner.

Put off important conversations till your mind is clear. If you're single, speak through your eyes. They're the mirror to the soul.

Your words are quite tricky. Become aligned with your core, Gemini. Achieve a state of balance to counteract the effects of the air.

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Gemini, today the Stars foresee a feeling of weariness. As for your fortune, you have once again deviated from your goals. This day you need to strengthen your will.

Your motivation is easily deflated. You're back to square one. Focus, Gemini.

You're wasting your resources and energies. Invoke the capacities of your mind to put your ideas in order. Get involved in projects that truly fulfill your potential.

Connecting with your purpose will make you see things differently.


Gemini, your Today's Horoscope predicts mental hype. In the professional field, this day you'll shake up the environment with your ideas. Your imagination has soared, Gemini.

You're experiencing a creative storm. Proceed calmly. Avoid sharing your thoughts as soon as they appear in your head.

Process your witticisms in silence. Put your approaches on hold for a while. You'll be able to make the difference between feasible projects and goals that are too abstract.

Think fast, but speak slowly. Time is your best ally.


Gemini, this day you need to  shut yourself away. The day's responsibilities have drained your energy reserves. Postpone your social interactions for a better time.

Remember that a timely retreat is a victory. Show your friends your best side.


Gemini, you're in a terrible mood today. No wonder, you've been exposed to countless challenges. It's time to rest.

Disconnect from the world for a few hours. Immerse yourself in reading to take your mind off your problems. Tomorrow is another day, Gemini.

Sink into the couch with a nice cup of tea and turn off your smartphone. You've earned a relaxing evening.