Gemini Horoscope Friday 2020

Gemini Horoscope - Friday, October 16, 2020: You can't hide your happiness

Your whole affective world will be illuminated by the good astral influence that brings love and unity


It's a perfect day for Gemini natives regarding love. You'll feel the blessing of life with all its splendor thanks to the influence of the new moon in the sign of Libra, which will bring you everything you wish for by the end of the day. 

Love is likely to knock on the door of many single Gemini natives, who were waiting to meet their true soulmate.

If you were in a long-distance relationship, today, after physical contact with them, could be the day that you realize you made the right choice. It's probably time for you to make some living-together plans. You'll be so happy that you won't be able to hide the way you feel. 

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You're curious and flexible, and therefore, you've earned part of the way of starting a business or detecting fashion and market trends.

Your ideas will be highly appreciated by others linked to your professional life and who can support your growth.

It's a good day to plan your expansion, especially if you own your business venture.

Today you'll see many of your worries go away; relief comes from solving some issues that have kept you on tenterhooks for months. If you have a debt to pay, the resolution comes more quickly than you expected.

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Everything is very harmonious as far as the health of the natives of the Gemini sign is concerned. If you're undergoing treatment, you will notice the benefits of it; if you're on a special diet, you will feel very good.  Everything seems to be going smoothly as far as your well-being is concerned.