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Daily Horoscope for Gemini for Monday, May 16, 2022

Gemini, show your nice and fun side today


Gemini, this won't be your usual day. You're in for a fully magical day, beating alive with possibility. There'll be hidden items under the shady cloak of the eclipse. Your air-based element will affect you more than ever. Be very cautious. Your words could hurt those close to you. Keep your volatile nature in mind. Avoid making spontaneous decisions. Don't let your unconscious play nasty tricks on you. Words can be easily swept away. Relationships eventually break. Avoid the full moon over Scorpio from freezing up your feelings.


Gemini, don't go wild. In terms of finances, you're starting to come back from an untimely pitfall. But watch out and don't be too trusting. Avoid going back to your old ways. Sort out the attitude issue you've got going on. With you, it's always black or white, but you should keep that duality under control. Pay attention to your current lack of punctuality. What you consider unimportant speaks volumes about your professionalism to those around you. Let your nice and fun side come out to play. Keep bathing yourself in the influence of the Taurus season. It's time to get a little more responsible.


The Daily Horoscope predicts there's work conflict coming. Professionally speaking, you should put your wit to good use today. Don't let those around you take advantage of your work, Gemini. Invest the greatest skill you've got: communication. Create interferences that act as a sort of firewall against those that try to touch your work. The Stars foresee you'll have a beneficial collaborative project with a partner. But be very careful. Your success or failure at work depends on how wisely you'll choose. You can't just trust the first you see. Make a mental run-through of their CV. Consider integrity as a basic starting point.


Gemini, you should find balance. You're kind of lost in the world. You have too much air running deep through your body. It's time to ground yourself back into Earth. Get plants for the house. Commit to taking care of them. In exchange, they'll give you roots and stability. Love them as much as you love yourself. Consider the well-being of other living creatures. This will help you on a road to personal growth.

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