Gemini Horoscope - Saturday, January 16, 2021: High frequencies and sensuality in love

Taking care of your personal needs is as important as listening and responding to those of others


Claims won't take long to appear this Saturday. You may be giving too much time to your professional issues and not enough time for the relationship. Jealousy and complaints will be overwhelming if you don't listen to what they have to say. You may have obligations you can't avoid and if you explain your situation in detail to your partner, they will surely understand. The level of sexual energy is high today; an optimal astral climate is offered for reconciliation.

You'll be able to find happiness in the present moment when you can understand those around you and at the same time be respectful of your personal needs.

Gemini, if you're one of those who is single you have the opportunity to understand the lesson that destiny is offering you.

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Gemini, these aren't favorable days to generate change or make drastic decisions on financial or professional issues. The stars suggest taking a few days to think about whether it's preferable to withdraw from an issue in which you don't feel entirely comfortable.

This Saturday you might feel the burden of routine life and you might believe that a trip would give you a fantastic sense of freedom. You need a change of scenery that isn't always possible and you know it.

At work, you'll experience a situation that can be a nuisance. Reacting in a bad way won't help, go ahead, attend to the issues that are most urgent.


This Saturday you'll notice the tiredness in the body and in the mind.  The Moon in the sign of Pisces can generate feelings of weakness and a desire to escape. If you're very stressed, there are plenty of exercises to learn how to relax through breathing and creative visualization. Painting, drawing and writing can be very relaxing tools if you allow yourself to release your demands. Take a colored pencil and begin to unfold your imagination.

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