Gemini Horoscope Sunday 2020

Gemini Horoscope - Sunday, August 16, 2020: You'll feel the protection of the stars

The astral movements will protect you and turn your daily reality upside down


Emotional life is developed within the family and allows us to organize matters that are the responsibility of the whole group, even if many of us want to think about these matters too much.

A problem between siblings or cousins will bring to the table issues that refer to childhood or common stories that have been unfair from your point of view and will require love and understanding to be solved so that everyone is satisfied and collaborate with each other to improve the situation.

The natives of the sign of Gemini who are living a time of solitude will find in a conversation with friends the solution to an emotional dilemma.

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This Sunday, Gemini,  your reactions in relation to practical life will be affected by an astral aspect that generates distraction and self-absorption. It's the encounter between Mercury and the Sun that affects your attention

A sense of fear at the possibility of taking a wrong turn will leave you in a state of introspection. Of all the signs you are the most active and fun when it comes to understanding the various ways of doing the same thing so you will overcome this frightening feeling

Don't doubt your ability to do what is necessary to overcome your financial problems.

You shouldn't worry, the stars protect you with a magical setting for the natives of your sign. Today luck will be on your side if you allow it with positive thoughts.

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You shouldn't gorge yourself on news, nor should you subject your psyche to movies where violence takes over the screen. Neptune's influence on cosmic maladjustment will affect your psyche and lead to nightmares or unpleasant feelings.

As much as you may think that you are able to control your emotions or sensitivity with your mind, you may lose that control when you sleep.

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