Gemini Horoscope Sunday 2020

Gemini Horoscope - Sunday, November 15, 2020: You'll learn more about yourself

The answers you were waiting for to clarify your feelings will come without you having to look for them


For this day, the stars indicate energy that favors the encounter and love.

The new Moon in the sign of Scorpio today will help you to begin a new cycle of understanding of unconscious motivations and ways of behaving in your affective relationships that have their origin in your childhood or in relationships that have generated anguish or pain. Domestic issues can deteriorate a bond. Don't argue.

Leaning on the shoulder of a loved one or your partner, talking about your feelings, and letting go of the fear of looking at your inner world will help you grow and be happier every day.

Those natives who find themselves in solitude can receive the bath of sensuality provided by Venus en Libra and let themselves be carried away by an unforgettable story of passion.

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The stars indicate favorable winds for those natives who are owners of independent businesses or enterprises. You can take part of today to focus your energy on new goals. Set yourself clear goals and limits on the expenses and investments you would like to make in the next few days.

The lucky number for this Sunday is 14. This number suggests Gemini natives to go slowly and harmoniously in the direction of their desires, while still attending to the emotional details of a professional matter. You cannot develop in a hostile climate and you know it. You must take care of your relationships and be aware of the negative energy that sabotages your dreams.

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You're in optimum condition.  Perhaps you're making your liver work hard by eating fried foods, fatty meats, and large meals, or perhaps you have simply been digesting negative emotions.

Drink lemon juice with mineral water on an empty stomach and reduce the size of your portions to lighten the load on the organs involved in digestion.

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