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Gemini Daily Horoscope for Sunday, May 15, 2022

Gemini, curiosity killed the cat


Gemini, watch out. Your curious nature will lead you to take the wrong peek. We all know curiosity killed the cat.

You should be careful around your relationships today. Don't get distracted if you're already taken. Don't make the mistake of taking for granted what you've got.

Use your energy to help your love grow. It'll be like a never-ending well of fresh water. If your partner challenges you just like your intellect wants, don't lose them.


Gemini, don't panic. Your finances are doing okay. You'll slowly, but surely escape that downward spiral.

Avoid thinking about polar ends of black and white. You'll end up suffering for no reason. You always do well in communication.

Express your financial concerns with whoever's appropriate for that issue. If you feel you deserve a raise, it's time to explain yourself well.

You tend to use complicated, senseless sentences. That won't help at all this time around.

Aim your course at debating with solid arguments up your sleeve. You could be surprised with your results.


The Daily Horoscope predicts there'll be some bustle. Don't let your workmates take advantage of you. Take measures but don't make them drastic, Gemini.

When dark motivations arise, don't stoop down and respond to that. Your personality, when on the wrong end, shows you can be shallow and a liar.

Watch out for the reputation you can create. Once they have a judgment on you, there will be no turning back. You can't resort to revenge; remember it always comes back.


Gemini, watch that partying of yours. You love to have fun, we all do. Your happy personality tends to aim at going too far.

You should watch your health today. Avoid abusing alcohol and have a meal before you leave the house. Avoid those processed snacks that do so much harm.

As an air-based sign, healthy and light diets are what work best. Quality before quantity.

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