Gemini Monday on a sky background

Gemini Horoscope - Monday, March 15, 2021: Show your adventurous spirit

Today you'll get some help to solve a professional matter that concerns you


You start the week with adventurous impetus, you want to give everything and receive love from your partner in the same way. You'll enjoy living in fullness your ideas about love and the relationship and a spirit of freedom may lead you to experience strange emotions.

Letting yourself be carried away by impulses will be very consistent with the astral energy available, you feel capable of much more than your partner believes and you'll prove your value to them.

Those natives who are single today will be attracted to a person totally different from the one they usually like, they may start a relationship with new and unusual characteristics.

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Today, you'll feel like changing some of your ways of manifesting in the professional sphere. Although the stars show a strong tendency to incline you to leave your affairs unfinished, Saturn can give you energetic support so that you can maintain a rhythm that will help you complete the work you have been entrusted with.

For this Monday, the lucky number for Gemini natives is 26. This number advises you to get in touch with reality and not get carried away by daydreams or fantasies when it comes to business. Although your ideas may be excellent, you'll have to make numbers and determine with precision if this is the moment to make your dreams come true or if it's convenient to wait. Ask for the support of older people who can guide you and can even finance your proposal.


You must eat all four meals for your body to feel good. If you skip breakfast or eat something while you're doing another activity, digestion won't be good and you'll feel lousy in the afternoon. Dedicate to your diet the time and energy you deserve.

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