The sign of Gemini with a black starred background

Gemini Horoscope - Friday, January 15, 2021: Joy is your personal shield

In the face of all problems, taking refuge in your good mood and your inner joy will be the best defense


In your relationship, it's important that you don't allow yourself to experience a feeling of stagnation. Boredom is the worst thing that can happen to a native of the Gemini sign. Your energy is fresh and fun and you know that you have to put a limit on the space that problems take up in your mind if you want to live fully.

Maybe it's time to say goodbye to someone who is part of your life but no longer in sync with your nature, Gemini.

Today the astral aspects determine you to trust your feelings. Embrace joy strongly and let optimism act beyond the end results.

If you're caring for your family and have children in charge, every step you take in the direction of understanding is a little more joy in the future and harmony in the home.

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The moon from the Aquarian Air sign leads you to be more humane and idealistic. You could consider the possibility of being part of a cooperative job or an association with ecological purposes, it's a good time to join projects of this nature.

Joining efforts with other people of your same characteristics and ideas will be an important factor in achieving abundance.

You can understand that your desires are bigger than these small things you often focus your attention on. The presence of so much astral activity in a sign of your element (Air) will give you the support you need to find your dreams.


Watch your eyes for tiredness and discomfort.  Too many hours watching the screen of your phone and computer could generate irreversible damages if you aren't careful. The radiation of the blue light from your cell phone is generating long term eye problems. Seek help from a specialist, Gemini.

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