Gemini Monday on a sky background

Gemini Horoscope - Monday, February 15, 2021: Focus your attention and avoid problems

The stars indicate a dispersion energy that will lead you to suffer from some small inconveniences


Calling off a date is something that will have consequences in your relationship, Gemini. Think very well before you dial that number and say you can't, otherwise, you won't be able to avoid a conflict that will have greater collateral effects than you imagine.

It's time to receive the love you deserve and you know well that if you have to juggle to find understanding, your relationship isn't that good. This situation will lead you to think about your future and the projection of the relationship.

It's a very important day of awareness, Gemini.

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It's an excellent day to begin that project that you're so excited about. Today you could observe that many of the problems you've had in the past have their origin in a tendency to abandon your plans before obtaining the results.

Review your relationship with money, observe the thoughts that it produces in your conscience to know that you're going to get profits. If you feel guilt, greed, rejection or another unhappy feeling, it will lead you to make a change that will result in benefits in the medium or long term.

The lucky number for this Monday for those born under the sign of the twins is 15. This number guides you to make contact with matter, money, abundance and it's nothing more than a representation of the material world and your freedom to manifest wealth.


You should know that stress can generate disease, that is why it's so important that you learn to control your nervousness to feel well and in harmony.

Health depends mostly on your ability to control your breathing through exercises that will lead you to better control of anxiety. You can learn to perform an abdominal massage with softballs to get to know the muscles of the area that are so important in the respiratory process.

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