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Your Gemini Horoscope for December 15th

Your Gemini prediction for Thursday, December 15th, 2022

Gemini, will you continue to move forward on the right track? Find it out in today's Horoscope.


Gemini, your Horoscope predicts that you may have an old flame coming back over the next few days, but don't give in to the temptation. First off, think about the effort it has taken to be where you are now. It won't do you any good to throw it all away.

If you're already in a relationship, you haven't been on your best run this past month, but it's normal to have ups and downs from time to time. If there's an issue that worries you, don't wait until it's irreversible. Sit down and talk it over with your partner, together you'll find a solution.

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It hurts how fast the money runs out and how long it takes to get it back in, but this is no time to save. It's the moment of the year when extra money flows out, but don't worry because you'll make up for it sooner than you think, Gemini.

That's all a matter of prioritizing what we invest in and what fulfills us the most. When you find the balance, you'll feel better about yourself.


The Horoscope states that it's important to separate your personal life from work, don't take your job issues home with you. If you don't learn to disconnect when your workday ends, you'll see how it continues to affect your environment and your daily activities.

When you leave your workplace, keep your brain busy to get that unwinding. You need to restore peace of mind.


Gemini, if you feel that you no longer fit in a place, don't stay there. You may want to keep others in your life out of habit, but you have to learn that all are stages. And they don't have to be with you through them all.


It's time to get into a more effective routine, Gemini. You're settling for the bare minimum, and that's not like you. Kick sport into high gear.