Gemini Horoscope Saturday 2020

Gemini Horoscope - Saturday, August 15, 2020: You will overcome all disagreements

It will be simple for you to overcome with love and physical affection the misunderstandings of the past


The wonderful planetary energies that benefit the natives of the sign of the twins are highlighted for this day, and they will shine for their attractiveness and relaxed and youthful sensuality.

Gemini, the astral panorama indicates very good energy providing sensuality, enjoyment and tenderness in all relationships.

The Moon joins the planet Venus in Cancer and favours the encounters with women. You could enjoy excellent conversations with women in your family. Perhaps they offer you their protection and therefore you feel happier or calmer.

The natives who are in a dating relationship may have to face the always tense situation of dining with the in-laws. Don't be afraid, Gemini, you will pass the test as long as you don't talk about money or politics. It will depend on your ability to communicate to keep the dialogues peaceful.

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It's not a good day for work and financial issues for the children of Mercury. A call will disturb you, it'll bring to mind a mistake from the past. You feel that you have failed and that it isn't easy to rectify your mistakes. The solution isn't to become obfuscated. Anger will only lead you into an endless vicious circle of discomfort and hopelessness. The best thing to do at these times is to engage in an activity that will relax you and help you observe your abilities with neutrality.  You're neither an absolute genius nor the worst in your profession. You will have to balance the opinion you have of your performance in order to achieve the development of your potential.

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For this day the stars indicate a dangerous tendency to get carried away by excesses in terms of sensory pleasures. Exaggeration in eating or drinking may cause digestive problems or even insufferable hangovers. Be moderate, Gemini.