Gemini Thursday on a sky background

Gemini Horoscope - Thursday, April 15, 2021: Surprising changes

You can turn your destiny around if you are aware of your inner strength: seek support from your Higher Self


The moon in your sign attracts into your life all sorts of intense affective situations, Gemini. The encounter of this luminary with the Sun will generate a powerful energetic influx that will especially affect natives of the first decan.

Your emotional world could be going through a season of uncertainty. Even if you're one of those who know how to deal with unpredictability, you're likely to suffer from the movements to which fate subjects you. This is not only about bad situations, but also moments of great brightness.

If you're one of those natives of the sign who are single, love won't be complicated this Thursday. On the contrary, if you have a date soon, speed up the pace: an important relationship could begin.


If you're looking for a new job, you'll be faced with several possibilities. You'll have to analyze objectively which option is best for you. Don't fool yourself into believing that you can do something that is beyond your limits or that you lack capacity. It isn't convenient to accumulate frustrations, in that way, you damage your personal esteem and you aren't able to move forward.

If you're expecting to receive money, the stars favor you with their energy. Whether it's a debt or a loan, you have a good chance of getting your hands on that longed-for sum.

The lucky number for the children of Mercury this Thursday is 10. A magical number, without a doubt, Gemini, a sign that you're receiving protection from the stars. Go forward with confidence and without hesitation.


The moon in the current position will be an energetic factor that could trigger digestive discomfort. Your stomach could be affected by irritation from some caffeinated foods or drinks. Drink a mild herbal tea to prevent problems.

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