Gemini Horoscope - Thursday, January 14, 2021: You'll share a fun outing

If you have to take distance from your partner to get some air, don't worry, it'll be positive for you


When you feel bored or immersed in the constant and routine roll of the week, don't blame anyone, Gemini. If your partner is one of those who prefers to stay at home, you may have to talk about your need to move around and change the air from time to time. You're one of those who needs to meet new people, talk to people who feed your imagination, and motivate you to observe other ways of living or seeing life.

So if you're invited to go out with friends today, don't just think about it, choose what you need without fear of being judged by your partner or family. Respecting the authentic self with your needs leads you to improve your intimate relationships. It's time to make contact in a more relaxed way with the people who love you. Expressing yourself and making changes in the dynamics of living together is essential this Thursday.

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Today try to be calm and quiet. It's a day of confusion and exaggerated expressions in the professional field.

If you're preparing for an academic test or writing for the university the stars support your writing with excellent ideas, think and develop the foundations of your exposition carefully. Saturn in Aquarius will give you the tools to show your knowledge.

The lucky number for the natives of your sign for this Thursday is 60. This number inspires you to start strengthening your emotional ties to improve the development of material life and to observe your economic needs with insight and intelligence.


You might be feeling short of breath. An annoying pain when breathing or moving can alert you to some ailment but many times, a pain in the chest is nothing more than a contracture resulting from a bad movement or simply nervousness.  Breathe gently and relax.

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