The Gemini sign

Gemini Horoscope - Monday, December 14, 2020: It's not time for abstractions

Use your mental acuity to get out of this conflict that involves the astral energy of the eclipse


The Sun in Sagittarius will be eclipsed and that refers to problems in the relationship life of the Gemini natives. But not all the problems have an unhappy end, on the contrary, the inconveniences that arise in your love life today have an objective and that is to be able to improve your relationships.

This is a very intense time in which all people are facing situations of tension and that is why it will be important that you can wait a few days before starting to move towards the definitive change. Listen to your hunches. Mercury, your regent, will be participating in this astronomical event and can give you some feelings and intuitions about what is best for your near future.

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If you're in a business partnership with friends or people you trust, this is a difficult day in which you'll feel that you're losing your partner's support.

If you're one of those who work in a large company, the stars recommend you to watch your back against the attack of your enemies. This may be someone younger than you who wants your job and tries to undermine your credibility with the authorities. Be careful, Gemini.  You'll be challenged by astral events in many aspects of your life and that is why you require special attention to everything around you.


The events of daily life inevitably make an imprint on your body that you should try to alleviate through care and changes in routines that are unfavorable to you.

Even if you're tempted to finish all the episodes of your favorite series in one night, you know that sleeping at unearthly hours is bad for you and you need some rest, Gemini.

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