The Gemini sign surrounded by stars

Gemini Horoscope - Saturday, March 13, 2021: Distance ignites enthusiasm

Determining your dreams for the future will be fundamental in this new stage. Take the energy of Mars in your sign


Although your relationship with your partner is good despite the problems you have experienced in the past, you would like to achieve a greater connection than you have in the present and therefore,  you'll show a very good disposition for conversation and you'll have the desire to show your affection through caresses and tender moments.

Gemini, if you're single, love is far away. A long-distance relationship could be making your heart beat faster than you would like it to. Falling in love can happen through romantic phrases on social media or emails that make your skin crawl. Words are very important for Mercury's children and this time, you will notice it more than other times.

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Today, you can stay focused on your goals without getting mentally carried away with the dramas and problems of everyday life.  Planning a strategy to achieve your desires will help you shape your dreams. Each stage has a meaning and by mapping out the phases of accomplishing your projects it is much easier to find cooperation from others.

If you have to go to your place of work, the day will be more tedious than usual. Remember that this is the tool you have to sustain your material world, which is why it should favor you financially, even if it isn't always consistent with your vocation.

It's an excellent time for commercial transactions, moving, acquisition of goods abroad among other possibilities for expansion.

There's very good energy to study, to promote exams and oppositions and to win contests.


Health is good, although energy is quite emotional.  You will be distracted, so, if you must drive or perform precision tasks, you need to make an effort to keep your attention focused.

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