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Daily Horoscope for Gemini for Monday, June 13, 2022

Gemini, connect to a fellow adventurer


Gemini, today your Horoscope wants you to chase your dreams. You want to fall in love, but easily grow bored with relationships; you may need to see new perspectives on that. Polar opposites attract, but run away later on.

Give up on that strong energy clash, and aim at compatibility instead. Find a partner who's linked to change, interested in finding out new areas of themselves. You don't do good with conventions, find a fellow adventurer.


Gemini, your Prediction for today points at a productive day. Your side smile can move hearts of stone; today you'll use your charms to make fortune work for you. You're moved by authenticity, you believe in yourself and your chances of success.

The world can smell it, you always get what you're aiming for. If you need to convince your manager, a colleague or the bank clerk, don't despair. You'll win them over from the get go.


Gemini, your Horoscope for today has good news in store: Mercury comes in, boosting fluent communication and project beginnings. Send your attention to the world today. You've overcome every career obstacle, and you're now in a great position.

Use the magic from your season to be of help. The Stars expect no less from you. What you offer will come back, with the energy of a million starlights.


Gemini, the universe perceives a low-brow attitude. There's an element stuck inside, making you unsatisfied. It's time to assess what's going on. What essential desire are you neglecting? Don't be shallow, you're always out for more. Ask yourself why, tend to the root of that behaviour. Your spirits want you to call out their mission. Don't go ignoring them.    


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