Gemini Horoscope Monday 2020

Gemini Horoscope - Monday, July 13, 2020: Your strength will be off the chart

You have a strength and creativity to work that will lead you to achieve your dreams


You may feel let down by the person you've chosen to spend this time in your life. You have been trying for some time to reconcile some of their customs and habits in living together and you feel that you aren't succeeding in reaching their expectations. The problem could arise when personal habits affect the life of either of you, otherwise, it's just a detail without so much significance. Don't put your attention on it, it may be something temporary that will settle in a short time.

The aspects that Mars makes to your sign are favourable to improving many of your social problems or problems with friends, but they can also bring a tendency to a lack of tact when you communicate, and this could generate misunderstandings, causing a heated or strong attitude to create new problems. Analyze your behaviour and be cautious when acting, Gemini.

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This Monday, the week starts with a lot of energy, Gemini.  You have a will and strength to test everything and will end up with unfinished business that will bring you concern sooner than you think.

If you're from the first deanery, you will feel the strength of the influence of the direct movement of Mercury in Cancer more than the rest. After a season of retrogradation, your regent puts itself in movement and favours the concretion of many subjects that you had already started. The natives who are looking for new employment have probabilities of finding something suitable during today that excites them and stimulates them intellectually.

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Mental health is so important that you shouldn't overlook details that make up your emotional well-being. It's about paying attention to the needs of your mind. Feeding your imagination by reading a good book, learning to empty yourself of thoughts through meditation will be as favourable to you as attending a gym class.