The sign of Gemini in half a purple circle

Gemini Horoscope - Wednesday, January 13, 2021: You'll renew your intimate world

Your regent, Mercury, from the sign of Aquarius will help you to use your intelligence with vision


The new moon in the sign of Capricorn reinforces your sexual energy and leads you to manifest your love in a different way by giving an emotional maturity to your physical reactions. What you learn today will be important for the rest of the year regarding the importance of intimacy with your partner. You'll find yourself getting in touch with your deepest feelings and you'll be surprised to observe yourself that way.

Your heart will no longer be armored behind your ideas, Gemini. Today life marks the beginning of a new path in healing your heart and sharing what you carry within you with your partner without fear or regret. Today you can feel the love vibrating within you, you will understand the motivations that lead you to act in one way or another.

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The natives of your sign today are lucky in financial matters.  The New Moon in your area regarding shared property can help you establish new contracts with partners.

Those who were expecting to receive a bequest or probate-type notification may be able to fulfill their desire to end a heavy and stressful family affair.

Getting your week's schedule organized can result in a shower of wealth for your life. The money will come to you easily when you manage to attend to your priorities without distracting your attention.

Be careful with your expenses, think long term because this isn't the time for extraordinary movements or financial adventures.


You'll look springy and happy.  You could take advantage of the day to go for a massage session or ask for a consultation with an aesthetician who will advise you on how to make a change in your skincare. A facial massage can be very rewarding.

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