Gemini Horoscope for Saturday on a universe background

Gemini Horoscope - Saturday, February 13, 2021: Fantasies can harm you

Letting yourself be carried away by idealizations and fantasies could be very detrimental to your emotional stability


The stars are influencing the natives of the signs of Earth with energy effluvia. Gemini natives will experience the energy of passion and infatuation idealizing their partner which can generate a loss of stability in emotions. Disappointments are common with these placements.

Gemini, emotions will be very intense, which increases the possibility of intimate encounters. You'll feel very sexy and uninhibited and you'll believe that you're in a romantic comedy.

If you're one of those natives who is single and wishes to meet the love of their life, the stars warn you of the possibility of falling into self-deception, extreme idealizations that can lead you to live overwhelming moments.

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If you have to sign contracts or start a new cycle in your work or profession it's a perfect day to prepare the details and read the fine print. Today your regent is with Jupiter both in an Air sign and although Mercury is still in retrograde motion it will give space for success and formidable opportunities.

You'll benefit from all activities related to trade, communications and writing. If you're putting the finishing touches on a real estate deal today you could receive good news.

You could begin to outline the details of a project you have had in mind for a long time. Someone close to you will want to partner with you. It will be very pleasant for you, however, you'll have to have a conversation to reach an agreement that will lay the groundwork for the partnership.


You may be suffering from dermatological problems. Dermatitis, acne and other ailments are intensified by the use of certain products such as masks. It's also a good idea to check if you're eating a balanced diet or if you've changed your cosmetic line. You could be suffering from an allergic reaction. Go and see a specialist for skincare advice.

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