The sign of Gemini with a purple starred background

Gemini Horoscope - Sunday, December 13, 2020: You must focus on your goals

The stars begin to have an affect on some important issues so you can improve them


Astral vibrations summon intense emotions to your heart, Gemini. The Moon has entered the Sagittarius zone which is where love and social issues manifest themselves and so you will feel the atmosphere begin to heat up as the next eclipse is formed.

Don't let melancholy or an emphasis on your emotions lead you to lose objectivity in some issues that require your cold blood.

The activities shared with the children of the family can clear your mind of worries and will favor the development of many issues in the future. When you're sincere and simple, children perceive this and increase their confidence in life, thus they grow up safer and happier. Walking, cooking, or playing board games together are simple ways to improve family bonds.

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It won't be a day where you can concentrate your thoughts on professional matters. The tension in the environment leads you to ignore the signals coming from the cell phone and the mail. But that's not the best way to deal with problems, Gemini. Take some time this Sunday to evaluate what you need to face next week and the conditions in your favor to do so.

It's very favorable for you to move your stagnant energy in your house. You can donate what isn't essential or what you don't use, thus giving your help to people who need it. In this way, you open a flow of positive energy to circulate and increase your own abundance.


The stars indicate a tendency to leg discomfort. If you're one of those natives who suffer from cellulite you'll have to attend to these discomforts before it's too late. The fundamental thing is that you leave out of your life the consumption of salt and industrial fats.

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