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Gemini Daily Horoscope for Thursday, May 12, 2022

Gemini, you love being pampered


Gemini, you're on the right track. Today, the Stars foresee a positive change in your attitude. In relationships, you'll let your defense walls down.

Let those around you come closer and know you better. You're endearing, affectionate and kind.

Show your inner light. Make your complicated language simpler.

Love uses simple and clean words. Will you dare say 'I love you' out loud? You'll melt the heart of who you love.

Make an empathy connection. You love being pampered, so why not do it to them too?


Gemini, improving situations takes time. An exceptional mental clarity will allow you to change your mindset.

The grey clouds that loomed over your head will completely swoosh away. You'll reach some important conclusions as well.

Stay alert, because you have chances of finding an opportunity for personal growth. Take responsibility for your mistakes, and they won't have occurred in vain.

Take a chance to choose new beliefs that align more with your personal values. Who said events have to unfold in a specific way?

A new paradigm will allow you to go further down the road.


Your Horoscope predicts your day ahead will be calm and quiet. Your workplace seems a little less hostile. Your colleagues will all come to work under a zen scope.

Lower down your guard, you don't need to peek on what they're doing today. Take this chance to calmly progress through pending work.

You shouldn't be so surly today, Gemini. Explore your area. Get genuinely interested in your colleagues.

You could learn plenty from a simple chat. And most importantly, you may even create friendships which will push your work ahead.


Gemini, take good care of your most precious tool: your voice. Your vocal cords could get sore today. You should speak less, and if you do, speak softly.

Your voice and speaking skills are essential to you. Without your voice, you'll lose your power, like Samson. There'll only be a sad-eyed puppy.

Protect your neck and throat from unexpected air flows. As a prevention system,  propolis or thyme tea will do wonders on you.

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