Gemini Horoscope Sunday 2020

Gemini Horoscope - Sunday, July 12, 2020: Everything will go well

Your life will go very well despite your deepest fears. You're living a time of cosmic blessings


You'll be suspicious of your partner, Gemini.  You may think that they aren't telling you the whole truth about a matter that concerns you both, and yet you will feel the idea of dangerous hiding for the stability of the relationship.

If you're one of those natives who is spending time as a bachelor, you will be able to take the energy available to evaluate the way you would like your next love relationship to go, whether you want to be freer or more conventional, or whether you want to spend time alone and you're good right now with your present calm. Many people around you may worry about seeing you alone without a partner, but perhaps you are enjoying this moment more than ever and you even find it hard to put into words.

The family will play an important role in many of the choices you make today in emotional matters.

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The children of Mercury know that they have to put all their intelligence at the service of material life right now.

There are many opportunities that you must take into account and you won't be able to choose any of them until you know the details of each option. That is why it will be convenient to take a few hours this Sunday to verify the viability of the offers you have received.

You have in your hands the means to achieve all your goals.  Don't lose the focus.

The lucky number for today, 520, indicates that there is something that is coming to an end and that you may want to escape from a situation that was beneficial to you but isn't anymore.


The stars enhance your intelligence and your capacity for intellectual production, and therefore you will feel a perfect state of completeness when you devote yourself to imagining possibilities for your future.

Gemini, you will feel a lot of happiness and inner well-being.