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Gemini Horoscope - Tuesday, January 12, 2021: Don't be afraid to start an adventure

A glass amulet could generate a unique vibratory protection field for you


You should establish a more frank and direct way of communication.  Beating around the bush in a conversation only irritates your interlocutor and the topics that divert your attention aren't unimportant, but that they hope to close a deal with you and it seems that they will never get to the heart of the matter.

Concentrate your attention on responding with sincerity to the problems that arise in your emotional life. Running away won't do you any good, Gemini.

The Moon in Capricorn generates a halo of sensual energy for many natives of the sign. Achieving intimacy with someone who awakens passion in your soul will be easier than usual. Don't let this possibility of manifesting your dream of living this magical encounter escape you.

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When you begin to deploy a new project in your life, a new business, a change of residence, and even a change of city it's normal to feel fear of the future, insecurity for not knowing what will come, or fear of failure. Anyway,  it isn't right for you not to follow the direction of your creative dreams and those changes that promise to improve the conditions of your life.

If you're starting a business, you might have the support of someone who is close to you and wants to help you. Don't reject any collaboration, even if it's something small that will help you to join efforts in pursuit of your goal.

If you need to reinforce your security, there are many simple rituals that you can perform with very few elements. Get a rutilated quartz and carry it in your purse or wallet.


You'll have to learn how to channel your mental energy correctly if you want to get rid of the anxiety that comes with carrying out your projects. Achieving mastery of your mind is essential if you want to focus on your priorities efficiently. Breathe the "Here and Now".

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