The Gemini sign surrounded by stars

Gemini Horoscope - Saturday, December 12, 2020: Focus on today's goal

When you free yourself from the burden of the past, there is room for new things


The main thing to do this Saturday will be to deepen in daily issues of life in common. Cleaning up the stagnant energy either in a practical way by cleaning and releasing spaces in the house or through conversations that purge long-standing problems in the relationship will seem to be fundamental and important.

Some natives will come face to face with a truth that isn't exactly something they would have wanted to know.

Thanks to this cleansing, many issues are cleared up and although it may not seem transcendent to you, it will lead you to live your intimacy like never before.

Single Geminis will be very well influenced by the stars to find love around the corner.

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If you're one of those who must go to work this Saturday, you won't have much energy or attention available for administrative matters. On the contrary, you'll have a lot of strength to start new practices, learn techniques and dedicate your time to aesthetic issues.

You'll put your body into action in order to improve the conditions of your professional environment. It will be fun if you share it with your colleagues.

The lucky number for the Gemini natives for this Saturday is 31. According to numerology, this number invites you to be pragmatic in your ideas. There's no point in having great intentions if they aren't possible to bring to reality. Look for ways to accomplish your goals, otherwise, a feeling of frustration could overwhelm you and drain your energy.


This Saturday you'll have to be especially careful when handling objects because you're prone to muscular discomfort as a result of clumsy or unusual movements. You may want to wear work girdle to avoid spinal injuries.

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