Gemini Monday on a sky background

Gemini Horoscope - Monday, April 12, 2021: Your intuition will be your guide

In your professional life, don't get stuck in the conflict, move forward despite all the interferences


A tendency to be driven by desire and curiosity could put your current relationship at risk.

A very special person may appear in your life and bring some answers to your affective ambitions. Their sympathy and charisma are unique and you'll find it very difficult not to succumb to their charms, Gemini.

Natives of the third decan are subject to great temptations in love matters that can be unsettling, so every step you take could feel dizzying.

Trust your heart and think about whether the attraction you feel is genuine or just a whim of the moment.


The stars encourage you to use your creativity to advance in your professional affairs. You know well that there are many ways to reach the same destination and there's no single way of doing things, this can bring problems and differences with some people who tend to respect traditions or have lack of creativity

If you're unemployed you may find a way out of your lack of income through creative activities, making crafts can help you. Perhaps recycling clothing or furniture will be a fantastic source of income.  

Saturn in Aquarius will help you detect those objects in disuse to which you can give a new life and a new concept of usefulness.


Recognizing that your emotions influence your physical health is an important change because your mental activity often suffocates your feelings. Mercury in Aries could be the support for you to turn to a friend to talk about your worries.

You can achieve inner peace through writing, poetry and storytelling. The written word will help you to catharsis some events of your life that remain hidden in your soul.

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