Gemini Horoscope Friday 2020

Gemini Horoscope - Friday, September 11, 2020: You will show off your skills

The energy is favorable and brings unique opportunities for professional growth


You don't always get the desired results in love issues, and many times it's the opposite of what you are trying to consolidate.

It's a complex day when it comes to love and your relationship, Gemini, you shouldn't let problems that are not only yours fall on your shoulders.

For many natives today will be a day in which they will have to choose between having a bad time immersed in a discussion that won't end up anywhere or take distance and wait for the storm to calm down. Jealousy is not part of your nature and therefore you don't know how to handle yourself when you are the object of these destructive feelings.

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A person who trusts you and your ability will bring you good news. If you're currently unemployed, it opens a window of possibilities that would optimally illuminate your professional life.

It's the perfect time to show all your skills, Gemini.

Regarding money, your concern is normal if a payment or a check that you expected today doesn't arrive. The same thing happens if you're waiting for the answer from a lender or bank for money or credit. It will come at the right time so you can meet your obligations.

Your optimism is the basis for your social success.

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There's a tendency of the stars that is dangerous. Be very careful when driving or if you have to use sharp objects because you are prone to small accidents that could complicate your life. It won't be bad luck. It's not a matter of having bad luck, but of the energetic disposition that attracts discomfort and inconvenience for the natives of your sign. When maleficent planets are projecting negative aspects, it's important to take extreme care.