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Daily Horoscope for Gemini for Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Gemini, understand those around you


Gemini, get more involved in personal relationships. Today you'll be doing all you want. You make those around you feel out of place. What's normal to you might be seen as a lack of attention. Make an effort to try harder for your partner. You don't like being controlled. If you feel a whiff of insecurity, you run away. You must understand those around you. The twins ruling over you are causing your personality to split. It is not only complex, but also mutable. Display plenty of love to make up for what you're lacking.


The Daily Horoscope for today has a recommendation, Gemini. To find room for yourself in the business world, use your great intelligence. You need resources to be more convincing. You might get involved in an important business deal. Your competitor will be a tough cookie. The coldness you show plays in your favour. You don't like being seen as cold. That's not bad in the world of finance, though. Many are willing to pull their claws out. Keep yourself in control and you'll be on top.


Gemini, keep your emotions in balance. There will be those who will try to make you fall at work. Those who know you know where you're aiming. They found out that your weakness is losing the prestige of your ideas. Watch out for that and don't fall into the trap. This is just a dirty trick to break down your icy wall. Don't let them hurt your ego. They're on a mission to make you hopeless. Don't let them make you fall off-track. Breathe in and don't allow any manipulation. Hold on, and you shall come out on top.


Gemini, your health will depend on whether you can reach harmony today. Don't get frustrated and take deep breaths. Today's challenges will make you fall slightly off-track. Find a home in deep, slow breathing. You're ruled by air, so resort to it to feel calm again. Keep your respiratory tract fresh and clean. Find purity in nature. Walking around the woods will do wonders on you. If you can't, take a walk in the park.

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