The Gemini sign

Gemini Horoscope - Monday, January 11, 2021: Listen to your heartbeat

Although you may find it hard to believe, trusting your intuition can lead to better professional conditions


Today you can pass on your joy to your partner or to someone very dear to you who is going through a time of many sufferings and problems. Gemini, your ability to play, the loquacity that characterizes you, and your good energy will be fundamental, you'll be their lifesaver this Monday, which brings intense changes.

Remember that you have a valuable mission that will be paramount to attend to, otherwise, you won't feel quite right. You wouldn't be in this loving situation right now if it wasn't because you have to learn from it. Everything has a meaning even if it isn't easy to recognize. Trust in destiny and do your spiritual work, in this way, you'll have the result that will help you be more stable and balanced.

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This Monday it will be difficult for you to have patience and wait for the answer from an important person for the fulfillment of your professional objectives. Take advantage of this time to observe if you're busy with your projects

It's important that you trust your professionalism and encourage yourself as you would your best friend. Much of what you expect depends on you taking the first step, trusting your good luck but also the good sense of your choices, then the machine is set in motion and you're open to receiving the rewards.

The lucky number for this Monday is 15. This number is a valuable energy indicator for material things and money, you can tune in to the flow of life and where the trends of consumption are heading.


Your body is a perfect mechanism and you have experienced on more than one occasion the prodigious response to the care you have given it. If you continue to work in that line you'll see with joy that you're understanding the language of your cells, the well-being you feel is the fruit of your inner work.

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