The sign of Gemini with a black starred background

Gemini Horoscope - Friday, December 11, 2020: Show your courage

Those people who will change your future may be in the place you least expect


The Moon is already transiting in the sign of Scorpio and with its influences, it'll enhance your innate seduction and your willingness to share your intimacy.

Today, you will be prone to seek in the gaze of others the validation of your own sense of sensuality, for this reason, it could be dangerous to be with people who love you badly or who don't respect your personal value and disqualify you in some way. If there's someone with these characteristics in your environment, it will be a question of mental health and self-esteem to stay away from them.

The Gemini natives who are single could find themselves next to a different opportunity for love in an everyday space. Perhaps you'll find a valuable person while shopping.

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The joy of knowing you are going in the right direction and meeting all the parameters you think are necessary to move forward is not achieved with money. It's about the will to be well directed, focusing on your projects and your idea of what's best right now.

Don't allow yourself to be affected by highly structured people who criticize your methods. Everyone knows their limits and possibilities and you know yours well.

Getting organized so that you can fulfill all your responsibilities before the end of the week will be a great relief.

The lucky number for this Friday for the children of Mercury is 10.  This is a very powerful number, its magic lies in being a participant in the energy of creation so you could be very creative if you let yourself be influenced by its advice: take courage and joy of living with optimism.


For today, the stars indicate a positive influence on your physical and psychological health. Don't deviate from those routines that you know are favorable for you.

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