Gemini Horoscope Tuesday 2020

Gemini Horoscope - Tuesday, August 11, 2020: A distraction can cost you dearly

You'll be distracted thinking about love instead of putting your head in your duties


If you want to give yourself to love, Gemini, expect the biggest surprises  when the moon enters your zodiacal zone at night. It won't be an ordinary day for you.

The natives who have been dating for a short time will experience events that they cannot imagine and that will nevertheless be part of your reality and your most memorable stories.

Even many natives who have a bond through electronic means won't refuse to live unique experiences. The ways of living love have changed and the natives who best adapt to these new ways are those of your sign and also Aquarius. 

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It's kind of a boring day at work. You will have an urgent need to leave your obligations aside... You don't have a bit of energy destined for work and yet you will have to face many difficulties during this day.

You may have to attend a meeting where your lack of concentration may lead to a major failure. This day will have the stamp of the unpredictable. Pay more attention than you usually do.

The lucky number for the natives of your sign for this Tuesday is 15; this number indicates that within the framework of the autonomy and the independence you must continue attentive to the material needs of those who are a part of your family. You have a creative gift that you must learn to use in order to gain in abundance. Prosperity is closer than you think.

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You need to rest, Gemini. The emotional life and the lunar presence induce you to devote some attention to the physical body. Have a light dinner, enjoy a hot shower and lie down on the couch to watch some TV, your body will be thankful.