Gemini Sunday on a sky background with shooting stars

Gemini Horoscope - Sunday, April 11, 2021: Seek the support of a loved one

Enjoy the effluvia of the new moon in the friendly sign of Aries and move forward in your dreams


It will be a fantastic day for many natives of the sign of Gemini thanks to the enlivening and hopeful energy of the new moon in Aries.

You'll start the day with a tendency to look for solutions and let go of conflict. The way you spend this Sunday will set the tone for the coming months with regard to relationships and life ideals.

Today you have it in your hands to shape your dreams. Friends will play their part in this tendency to look for the best way to live. Someone very dear to you could be supporting you in this quest.

If you're single among your group of friends you could find a new love. This is a quick relationship that although it may be short-lived you'll enjoy with body and soul.


This Sunday's planetary alignments urge you to find a way to change this tendency to get distracted from your goals and lose track of your affairs.

You'll want to plan a trip or a change in your way of life that is very different from what you're doing now.

Your objectives must be clear; it's necessary that you define your direction in order to move forward. It's normal for the natives of your sign to feel that all paths and situations are possible, but the time has come to decide.

The lucky number for this Sunday for the children of Mercury is 77. A magical number that promises success in all areas of life. You'll be able to express yourself with cunning and intelligence.


If you're suffering from physical discomfort, the way to solve it is to stop ignoring your symptoms and start looking for a solution. Seek the support of a loved one and solve the problem as soon as possible, Gemini.

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