The Gemini sign

Gemini Horoscope - Monday, March 1, 2021: Harmony in romantic encounters

Playfulness and harmony in sharing the moment will be an irrepressible trend that you'll enjoy


Today, the Moon in Libra aligns in a good cosmic state with your Sun, Gemini, which is why you'll feel all your dreams begin to become part of your life. The deepest emotions find a window of opportunity to show themselves to the world.

Feelings for your partner increase and you understand without difficulty what your loved ones wish to express to you. You're beginning a new cycle; you're even able to commit to your true feelings by showing greater firmness and determination in your choices.

Family life is also enjoyable for you, you'll want to spend time with the children of the family. Tenderness will be your main feeling.

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This first Monday of the month is an excellent day to project your dreams, Gemini.  If you're part of a creative or educational team, you'll be able to guide and lead those who accompany you with a great sense of abundance and creativity. The search for a successful outcome will be the main stimulus to bring to the highest development the capacity for empathy and collaboration.

Regarding money, saving every penny will lead you to face a general economic situation of medium difficulty. It's not a time for unnecessary expenses, on the contrary, it's a good time to carry out profitable business that will lead you to enjoy the benefits.

The lucky number for today for Gemini natives is 69, this number indicates that the more you dedicate yourself to focus on your dreams, the more abundant your material situation will be. Your life is more synchronous when you follow your intuitions.


The astral sky shows that your health is very good although you could experience a tendency to gluttony. The desire to eat sweets and fatty foods can lead you to suffer a slight stomach discomfort.

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