Gemini Horoscope Wednesday 2020

Gemini Horoscope - Wednesday, July 1, 2020: There's a lot of movement in your emotional life

A tender word on a piece of paper or a knowing look can make a difference in the score of love


The natives of the sign of Gemini are very versatile people even in love issues  often show a double side so today could be the day you have to take responsibility for an attitude that has not been entirely faithful to the pacts you have established in the past with your partner.

It's common that you feel that your enthusiasm or interest declines with time, Gemini, but the defects exist to be worked on with will. You cannot be the centre of the world. Others would also want you to express your desire with attention and detail. A flower or a note on the table makes a difference. You'll have to work hard to give a new touch to the routine life of the couple.

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With this day comes a new month in which you will have many opportunities to display your enormous sales skills.

A publication in the social networks will bring you great satisfaction, you won't believe the response it will have and how soon you can receive benefits from this success.

Maybe today you will discover a special way of working, a different way of showing what you can bring to your society.  If you are unemployed, don't let your mood drag you into a worse situation. Get started on a new project. Ask the angels for help and you will get the support you need.

The lucky number for the children of Mercury for this day is 5. This is a magic number used by ancient alchemists to power their spells. It's an expansive number that characterizes the visionaries and the advanced of all times.


Your health is generally good, you enjoy stable energy that shows the need for emotional balance to give the maximum energy performance.

There is a lot of movement in your emotional life right now that deserves to be processed.