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Gemini Horoscope - Friday, January 1, 2021: Take care of your relationships

Conversations with loved ones of your own generation will be very healing


It's a good day to start a very favorable cycle for the children of the sign of the twins.

The memories of old love relationships of these natives can play against the tranquility and enjoyment of the present. Venus joins in exact conjunction with the South Node and brings messages from the past that will be important to find the change the relationship needs to progress.

Those who are single may receive a call from a past love, you shouldn't enter this person's game. You may experience unhappy situations that steal your harmony. Memories aren't always good and loving; there are also memories of painful situations. 

Family life is important, siblings will play a major role this Friday.

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It's a good day to consider the changes needed for better performance at work. Last year's lessons and advances despite the tensions have been many.

The natives who work in a business should avoid entering a game of rumors and lies. It's not good to meddle in matters that don't concern you.

The lucky number for today for the natives of Gemini is 28. This is a number that impels you to seek your inner power in material and practical issues. Your leadership ability must be put to work to achieve your desires.


The stars indicate the possibility of living an episode of stress that unbalances your health. Take it easy, take a deep breath, analyze your situation from different perspectives. What you now experience as negative and serious is actually milder if you look at it objectively, Gemini.

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