The Gemini sign with a blue background

Gemini Horoscope - Tuesday, December 1, 2020: The clouds dissipate

The eclipse brings you positive news, changes and better realities can surprise you


It's an incredible day for the natives of the Gemini sign who will have the eclipse in the astral axis of the relationship and individuality. You'll live the experience of knowing what love is. The North Node indicates the certainty of knowing that you are on the path of true love.

All romantic matters begin to improve. If you have lived through storms, you'll see with joy that they dissipate. All your pain will be left behind and you'll recognize the learning that your experiences have left you in order to find love.

If you're one of those Gemini natives who is single, it's time to come face to face with destiny. Remember that love is for you when you feel that the encounter with someone enlightens your soul, not a persecutory struggle to obtain attention and affection. Maintaining an open and optimistic stance will bring the right person into your life.

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Possibilities of change are coming your way, Gemini. A new job, a salary increase, or a change of residence are possible thanks to the good influences of your regent, the planet Mercury. Venus in your employment zone supports your expectations and will strongly direct you towards a better positioning.

Difficulties will be forgotten thanks to the movement of the planets Jupiter and Saturn that advance giving their support especially to the natives of the first decan of your sign.

You'll begin to feel the blessings that the Universe brings to you. Be grateful for the good things that come into your life: be grateful for everything you have today to take the step that leads you to fulfill your mission, in this way you open yourself to the flow of abundance.


You'll feel great, your body reflects the harmony of your heart and therefore you will have a fantastic day.

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