Your Gemini Daily Horoscope for Monday, August 1, 2022

Gemini, study the symbols in your dreams


Gemini, you should follow your instincts. When it comes to relationships, trust your inner wisdom before you act. Connect to your intuition to find out what to do.

You will know if you're too cheesy or not doing enough. You will learn to decode your partner's non-verbal language. Remember that your time together is priceless.

You don't need any blinding moves. Bring passion to your relationship by watching the moon from your balcony. Don't be afraid of being different.

Moderate tension will help you keep up the chemistry.

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The Daily Horoscope predicts that the Stars have psychological magical revelations for you today. When it comes to fortune, you will be able to access what lies in your subconscious. Pay attention to your dreams today.

Study the symbols you see there. Remember that water is the representation of your emotions. Listen to your breathing and heartbeats.

Your body keeps talking to you. Get in touch with your sensations. Time goes by too fast.

Stop wasting time. Express the change you want to see happening around you. Your actions will bring the sweetest of rewards, Gemini.


Gemini, your Daily Horoscope encourages you to fight for your independence. You've got a brand-new cycle of possibilities at work. You should develop your personal and professional growth.

Remember that they go hand in hand. Be more responsible about your work environment. You will be more confident afterward.

Get your schedule straight to make the most of your time. You want to leave a positive legacy to the world. Don't let your days just slip by.

Let the world see the benefits of having your enlightened soul around.


Gemini, your body wants activity. Avoid being sedentary on your time off. When you're at work, try to walk for a few minutes every hour.

If you're on a rehab journey, follow your assigned instructions closely. Express the happiness in your soul by singing or dancing. Leave your car in the garage, and go to work on foot or by bike.

Connect to divinity through your body.