Gemini Horoscope Saturday 2020

Gemini Horoscope - Saturday, August 1, 2020: You're heading down the lane to your dreams

Many family issues are defined in this strange day full of surprises, Gemini


Venus and the North Node of destiny are still in your sign and this is an astral scenario that gives rise to exquisite moments of tenderness and sensuality.

Gemini, you'll be happy to feel that you're heading down the lane to your dreams. If you're silently loving someone, maybe it's time to declare your love without fear. A message on the internet or a call can lead you to an outcome. For better or worse, you might end the doubt that only generates anxiety in your heart, Gemini

Family entanglements are very possible by the action of Mercury in Cancer in bad appearance with hard planets. Watch your words and listen carefully, you could get confused and it would be problematic.

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A meeting with friends will bring opportunities for a very dear person and at the same time, it will also benefit you. The twists of fate will never cease to amaze you when you discover that you're valued more than you imagined by a person you admire and who can help you with your career.

There are many signs that the burdens you have been carrying on your back can be relieved, and you can finally let go of the responsibilities you had taken on for emotional reasons.

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When the month begins, it's a very stimulating time to start with something you're looking forward to. A change that you believe is favourable for your life in general. Perhaps it's about leaving a vice that is damaging your body.

Are you a smoker? Don't keep contaminating your lungs and your skin. You spend a lot of money and health and it doesn't help you with your social relationships. You know that smokers have the smell of cigarettes on their skin and clothes and that it is often uncomfortable for your partner.

If you love yourself, it's time to leave behind the habits that take away your health, Gemini.

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