Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

Capricorn Weekly Horoscope: February 27th - March 5th, 2023

Capricorn, you'll gain respect if you work hard to get it

Capricorn, read your Weekly Horoscope now and dare to face any misfortune. You can never be too confident that obstacles will not arrive.  


Capricorn, if you're in love, hiding it from those around you might not be a good decision.

Don't feel forced to announce that you're in a relationship, but don't try so hard to hide it either. You'll offend your partner and sow all kinds of doubts in them if you continue like this.

Even if you're single, repressing your emotions in public could end up hurting your love interest. If you treat them with indifference in front of third parties, they'll understand that you're not interested.

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The Weekly Horoscope predicts a week full of excesses and expenses, Capricorn. Living beyond your means will end up becoming a dangerous habit.

And you might think that the conflict is not in your paycheck or in the amount of income you receive. However, the root of the problem lies in your uncontrollable ambition to be at the same level as those around you. Grow up once and for all and don't let envy and material desires condition you.


Capricorn, your Horoscope predicts that patience will be your best ally these days. As much as you long for it, maintaining a peaceful and perfect work environment is simply impossible.

You'd all have to give the best of yourselves to achieve it, but some colleagues won't be willing to do so. If you're left in charge of a team project, don't count on their collaboration. You'll have to make a titanic effort to get them to listen to you. 


Capricorn, it's obvious that your charisma is an inherent trait of yours. You'll notice how those around you, even those who are mere acquaintances, will show a clear interest in staying by your side. You provide them with the confidence they need to open up.


Capricorn, you need to make sure you always have a bottle of water handy. You might have realized that you drink far less water than you should. Don't make your body go through that.