Capricorn Horoscope Weekly 2020

You will shine with a halo of sensuality - Capricorn Weekly Horoscope for 9 - 15 November 2020

If you choose to enjoy with all your senses, you will have to be careful or you can expect some health problems


It will be a week full of challenges in your relationships, Capricorn. On Monday, you will enjoy the incredible fire of passion. You will feel observed by some people who will judge your behaviour and you will feel insecure regarding your feelings.

The Stars mention great energy that will make you experience moments of great seduction at work. Maybe you will be attracted to the power someone will show you and you will be carried away by a sensual flow that will invite you to enjoy moments of pleasure and laziness.

The natives who are in a long-term relationship should be careful with everything they say. The Stars will make you be a little bit selfish these days and you won’t be able to comprehend and empathise with other people’s problems.

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It will be a very complicated week at work for the natives of Capricorn. Most of the week will be quite good regarding your professional life. You will choose to enjoy rather than making more efforts right now and you will celebrate the results of your past sacrifices.

If you’re in need for a change in your work life, you will vibrate with an elegance and ability that will attract and seduce. You could be chosen to participate in businesses as a new employee or even as a partner.

This week, a dangerous energy could make you spend more money than you expected. Your relationships with money could jeopardize your material security. Your overindulgence when shopping and spending money could accumulate unwanted debt in your credit card.

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An excess energy is pushing you to a new dimension of your personality. You may leave behind – at least for some days – your usual behaviour of responsibility and austerity. You will dare to show your inner tendency to enjoy your body and be more permissive with your sensuality. You want to use all your senses but you need to control your desire if you don’t want negative consequences.

You could suffer from liver inflammation and this could translate to skin problems and drowsiness.