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Weekly Horoscope for Capricorn for 9 - 15 May, 2022

Capricorn, read between the lines


Capricorn, this week you'll take your social skills to the next level. You've entered the game. You're learning to read between the lines.

The slow energy of your sign is enhanced during the Taurus season. Stepping out of your comfort zone won't be easy for you. That's why the universe recognises and will reward your efforts.

You like to go straight ahead but sometimes you need to take a few curves. Do it for you and for the conquest of love.


The Weekly Horoscope predicts a very quiet and stable week, Capricorn. Financial matters won't keep you awake at night. Don't worry, the setbacks of the past won't be repeated.

This doesn't mean that you can relax completely. You need to be open to the possibility of unexpected changes. Trust in the wisdom of the universe.

It all works in your favour. Become more flexible and you'll notice the difference.


Capricorn, your Weekly Horoscope congratulates you for your learning attitude. At work, you must remain alert – the stakes are high.

You don't like change but can fight hard for what you want. You favour a traditional approach and would like work to be done your way. Expanding your vision will take you further.

Use your energy to prepare for the future. Your possibilities are endless. If you don't slow down, you'll have the world at your feet so go for it!


Capricorn, the stars congratulate you. Don't let external opinions affect you. Your attitude is beginning to become healthier.

You don't like duality and tend to be honest, and you're learning to use this quality to your advantage. You have two sides depending on whether you're in public or in intimacy.  

Don't let those around you know how much their criticism affects you. Don't give them this power.

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