Capricorn Weekly on a sky background with shooting stars

Let the New Moon light up your love life - Capricorn Weekly Horoscope for 8 - 14 March 2021

You should communicate with the people you love – it will be like a balm for your soul


Capricorn, this week begins with plenty of affection and emotional understanding that will favour all your relationships. The Moon transiting your sign will join Pluto and this will have an effect on your heart  and your inner world. This conjunction tends to have this effect – especially for the natives of the third decan whose emotional world has been through some days of a great movement.

Everything you feel, the lessons you learn every day, and the things you do in order to grow and improve your personality will have their reward on Thursday when the Moon joins the Sun, Neptune and Venus in Pisces. This will bring you plenty of love and shared happiness.

This New Moon will be the candle that lights up your emotional world.

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This will be an excellent week for you, Capricorn – especially if you're waiting for the resolution of an important agreement.

The Stars are lighting up your way. Life has become really easy and positive for you. Jupiter will bless you and will favour you if you have many pending issues that you need to complete.

If you work in the hospitality sector, you will receive wonderful news. The way you work will change and you will benefit from new technologies that will make things easier and more worthwhile for you. As a Capricorn, you tend to like stability and being traditional. However, you won't resist this change.

The youngest natives of the sign may have the chance to choose a different path from what the elder natives have learned in order to do the same type of job. You can expect a very positive week if you need to sign a contract, go on a short trip, or move homes.


Capricorn, you will suffer from emotional changes these days and this might make you feel like you lack some energy and you're a bit too sensitive. But apart from that, you can say that your health will be excellent this week.

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