Purple Capricorn sign on a dark purple background

You will be valued for your capability - Capricorn Weekly Horoscope for 7 - 13 December 2020

This week, the energy you've had during the year will get to the end of a cycle which needs some of your attention


The Stars invite the natives of Capricorn to admit and respect their true wishes. You need to trust that by being true to yourself, you will be able to be true and loyal to your partner. 

Capricorn, the first days of the week can require moments of solitude and reflection. You will find it easier to be honest to yourself and bring out the best in you when you feel that you can count on the unconditional love of your partner. You will be able to show stability and calm. However, this will only be possible as long as you can connect with your real purpose. Get to know yourself better before you project anything negative on your relationship.

If you’re a single native, you will have the chance to meet someone from a different country. Your similarities will be stronger than your differences.

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The yearly cycle of the Stars predicts a powerful energy that will direct the attention of certain authorities to your performance at work.

If you’re climbing the ladder in your company, this Tuesday will be the day when your conditions, responsibilities, and commitment will be appreciated.

The best days to stand out in your field will be Thursday and Friday. The Moon in Libra will boost your abilities although you may feel a bit of pressure and you could lack confidence in your work.


The energy of the Stars is getting to the end of its manifestation now that your birthday is closer. That’s why you need to be careful with your energy level. Stay in shape with physical leisure activities and you will be able to keep an active metabolism that will protect you from infectious diseases.

You can boost your immune system by eating citrus fruits such as lemons, clementines, or oranges. Eating leafy greens will also help you stay healthy. Remember that two pieces of fruit a day – citrus or not – will improve your health in many ways!

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