The Capricorn sign in black on a sky background

Your energy and vitality will attract fortune - Capricorn Weekly Horoscope for 4 - 10 January 2021

You're the lucky sign this week as long as you control your strength and enthusiasm


It will be an intense week for the natives of Capricorn. On Thursday, you will enjoy the passion of Mars in your area of romance and creativity. Mars entering Taurus will also leave its mark. There will be tense conjunction with your ruling planet meaning that you will feel an inner drive to take action in order to get rid of the restrictions that come with your inability to express your wishes freely. You will have to choose between moving on with courage and hope – and improving – or remaining in a situation of stability that prevents you from growing  and expanding as you wanted.

If you're single, it's time you find that person who can complement you and make you feel a change in your energy. Your life will feel newer and fresher thanks to this energetic and happy person.

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The Stars bring growth to the natives of Capricorn thanks to the famous conjunction of Jupiter and Sturn – the ruling planet of Aquarius in the zodiac. This represents the relationship with money and possessions meaning that those natives that have been constant in their professional activities will receive new opportunities – especially if you have worked hard and proved your abilities.

Those who dream about creating new businesses will see their dreams forming. Don't be afraid and trust your luck. Venus will enter your sign on Saturday and it will bring you the financial support you need.


The good energy you're living this week will help you improve in both your physical and psychological sides. You're receiving great energy in many different areas of your reality and this will bring a fantastic feeling.

However, don't overexert your muscles if you're exercising, and don't get distracted when driving or using tools. The influence of Mars can be particularly distracting for the natives of the third decan so you'd better pay attention.

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