Capricorn Horoscope Weekly 2020

Don't argue with those who oppose - Capricorn Weekly Horoscope for 31 August - 6 September 2020

Express yourself as calmly as you can when dealing with any family-related issues or talking to clients


This week, the children of Saturn will have to deal with the family-related difficulties that hurt their heart like a burning spear.

Many young goats will have to face the authority that can come from parents or the eldest in the family. You won’t find it easy to claim your own authority and you may have to use some harsh language and difficult words that the other party won’t receive positively. The Moon in Aquarius at the beginning of the week is what is pushing you to claim your freedom. It’s the stimulus you need in order to create changes and for some Capricorn, it will be the little help they need to start taking the reins of their own life.

Love and unity will be stained by this conflict. You won’t hear your partner’s wishes easily without reacting.

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This week you will have the blessing of Fortuna. It will attract a lot of movement to your professional life.

Letters, writings, commuting… all these are the result of the energy that brings you mental activity from the area Virgo of your astral chart. This energy will favour the intellectual work of those born under the sign of Capricorn.

The natives of the third decan can take advantage of the energy of Venus from the opposing sign of Cancer. This position favours your wishes, sales, and the maturity of the projects you may be working on.

Those born during the second decan will hear a call from their destiny. It will ask you to moderate your expansion and retake some issues that you thought were closed. Don’t be upset, Capricorn. It’s a time of pause for you to improve your plans and get better results in the future.

The Stars mention some energy that will favour salespeople. Thanks to the good impression you cause with your speech, you will be able to convince everybody.

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It will be a wonderful week when it comes to health as long as you look after your nervous system and you observe your reactions. You will need to moderate all your actions. Otherwise, your behaviour could make you feel exhausted and irritated.