The Capricorn sign with a universe background

You will be able to forgive - Capricorn Weekly Horoscope for 30 November - 6 December 2020

Don't let your need to be always right get over your impulses and control your feelilngs


This will be a difficult week for the affairs of the heart of Capricorn. No matter how much effort you put into it, the Stars will still foster disagreements between lovers who live together. Home feels like a battlefield for the children of Saturn who have been dealing with the same struggle for a while.

By Friday, you should try to fill your soul and heart with wholesome feelings. Forget the fight for power. Whoever is right or wrong in an argument won’t matter anymore. You don’t need to establish this type of bond with the person you love. Competing against each other could destroy the love you feel for one another.

Those natives who are single will receive a great surprise from the Stars. On Saturday you could meet someone sensitive and delicate who will catch your attention – and will make you feel something special!

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It’s an excellent week for the natives of Capricorn regarding work. You will finally see the benefit after so much sacrifice.

The Moon in Gemini will give you wonderful energies. You will be more seductive than ever and you will call the attention of authorities and the public in general.

The wish for social success is reaching an important point right now. Every step you take will bring you a new challenge that will help you prove your worth. You will be able to share your value with your society.

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This will be an important week regarding the health of the natives of Capricorn. You could feel a little bit tired. This week’s full moon will reinforce this concept and will leave you physically weaker. That’s why the Stars recommend you focus on your physical body these days.

Choose to eat smart and make sure you rest well. Another thing you can do in order to improve your state will be staying away from sources of stress.