Capricorn Horoscope Weekly 2020

Don't be afraid to open the doors of your heart - Capricorn Weekly Horoscope for 3 - 9 August 2020

This week you will live great moments with your friends and loved ones


Your heart believes that there isn’t a single secret that you or your partner can keep to each other but your partner doesn’t seem to believe the same. They might believe that you hide mysteries and they’ll get frustrated trying to get information that may not be as interesting as they think. An insignificant memory can become a drama and jealousy will be a problem for those Capricorn of the third decan.

If you’re single, the Stars predict good emotional connection with friends or workmates you see very often. You can make great things if you put your ideas together, no matter the differences between you.

Many Capricorn will feel lonely. You want someone to love every day. But this feeling will dissipate when the minor planets change sign.

Those from the first decan will feel the benefit of Venus through Cancer this weekend. A love story could emerge out of the blue. You will spontaneously start having feelings for someone who is very kind, well-mannered, and willing to join you in your journey. Don’t be afraid to open your heart this time.

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A series of experiences will determine your future this week. Your choices during this moment will define your immediate future and will have a very important effect on the success you’re going to achieve.

If you’ve started dealing with paperwork regarding an inheritance, Mercury entering Leo will give you plenty of positive energy to obtain good results. Even if you’re waiting for the results of taxes-related issues you’re very likely to obtain an extension or at least to pay in installments.

Monday and Tuesday will get you the best results if you’re looking for a new job. Those of the third decan will have particularly favourable energy from the Stars.

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The Stars predict that the children of Saturn will have variable energy. The current position of the Stars manifests the usual fluctuations your emotions make you feel in your physical well-being.

This is the perfect moment to start working out a bit more often. You may feel attracted to a hike in the mountain or the sea.