Capricorn Weekly on a sky background with shooting stars

Capricorn Weekly Horoscope for 28 June - 4 July 2021: Don't keep it waiting

Don't ignore all these signs, Capricorn









❤️ Love

Capricorn, don't believe that you're absolutely right about everything – especially about the affairs of the heart. Disappointment is part of life. Without sadness, there wouldn't be joy.

The natives of Capricorn will fall in love again but you must let enough time for your energies to rest. If you don't do so, things won't happen as expected.

Your Weekly Horoscope recommends you slow down  and analyse all the relationships you've had so far. What went wrong in all of them? It's time for self-criticism.

💰 Money

Your career always goes smoothly, Capricorn. You're quite valued and feel happy and satisfied with what you do every day. However, you'll have some bad news this week.

Luckily, they won't be very important problems and they'll vanish like the waves in the sea. The Stars predict that you should relax when it comes to these negative issues.

Everything is controlled by the Universe and it would never let it affect your professional life, Capricorn.

👩‍⚕️ Health

Rather than worrying about your health, the health of your loved ones will be what really matters this week. Fortunately, the movement of the Stars will go with you in your decisions and your bad moments.

Listening to the doctors is always a good idea but why don't you take that person out for a walk? They will appreciate the fresh air.

We're all overcoming the fear of the pandemic little by little but you have to help all these people.


👍 Tip of the week

Your help can make a great difference in some people's lives

🍀 Lucky numbers

These are your lucky numbers for the last week of the month: 5, 9, 16, 64

🤝 Compatibilities

Capricorn, you can expect these compatibilities during this week:

Leo and Capricorn in Love

Scorpio and Leo in Friendship

Aries and Leo at Work

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