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You will hardly control your feelings - Capricorn Weekly Horoscope for 22 - 28 March 2021

Too much energy in the Fire sign will bring excess and lack of control of your emotions


When Venus is in Aries with the Sun, things aren't that easy for the natives of Capricorn. This Fire energy could be too much for you. When Aries is ruling, it's difficult for you to stay calm and moderate.

You might feel uncomfortable with the way your relatives or your partner communicate. If they demand too much for you, life together can become a bit difficult. Did you believe that you were the one who ruled at home? Reality might surprise you this week. The problems of ego and the manifestation of different personalities could force you to swallow your pride.

Capricorn, how difficult is it for you to apologize when you know you're wrong? The conjunction between Venus and Chiron could make you see either a wound someone has caused you or the harm your actions have caused to someone else.

You want more love in your life but you don't seem to find the right way to ask for it. Your selfish behaviour could cause great conflicts in your relationships.

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If you end up wasting your creativity because you're trying to meet an objective that doesn't match your professional life, you might regret it. This week, your confidence could play against you. You believe in your abilities but this might cause some problems these days. The Stars warn you that you could be too confident with your finances and your expenses.

This week's goal will be to work on your flexibility and modesty. There will be certain issues that will make you face your mistakes. This will force you to be mindful of your actions and analyze which problems you have caused due to your rigidity with others.

You will have the precious opportunity to change this behaviour and improve your financial and professional security.

You can expect many expenses these days so get ready for it. You may find it difficult to pay for everything on time but you're good at money management and it shouldn't be impossible!


The health of the natives of Capricorn will be excellent this week. You will receive the effect of Mars in Gemini. However, remember that overconfidence can be bad these days. If you aren't careful enough you could get your joints injured. Get into the habit of stretching every day and be particularly careful with your ankles, elbows, and wrists.

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