The Capricorn sign in blue with a starry sky background

You're entitled to enjoy life - Capricorn Weekly Horoscope for 21 - 27 December 2020

The Sun returns to your sign so you can relax and sort your life out in order to renew your health and enjoy the day-to-day


This is a very special week for the natives of Capricorn and it will be unforgettable. The Sun will enter your sign on Monday 21st in a conjunction with Mercury. It’s a time for dialogues and meetings. The Moon in Pisces will give you permission to feel and communicate the emotions you’ve been keeping to yourself. It’s time you sit together, look at each other in the eyes, and start your story again.

Your ruling planet – Saturn – will change signs and will abandon Capricorn. This will be a relief to the natives of the second decan in particular. You’ve learned a lot during this time and you can receive the new year with joy and maturity.

The Moon in the Earth sign Taurus during the weekend will let you enjoy the love and warmth of the children in the family.

If you're a single native, you shouldn’t ignore the sensual calling of nature in your personality.

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There will be much more movement at work than you’d like. You could have endless possibilities in front of you to receive all the results of the efforts from the past.

If you’re working for someone, you will probably get more recognition which will benefit you soon.

You won’t control your expenses easily this week: you want to be careful but it will be difficult!

When the Sun and Mercury unite in your sign, it will be an excellent moment for you to become visible. This will be a fantastic week to update your social media profiles, send letters, and offer your services by mail, messages, or phone calls.


If you’re a native of the first decan, you will be lucky. The vital energy of this week will renew and you will feel better than ever! The Stars warn you that there could be some problems if you don’t have enough sleep. You need to look after your nervous system these days of the year when we all live so many emotions!

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